Narrow One

Narrow One Online Game

Although the modern era offers a lot of conveniences that we’d be hard-pressed to give up, it can be exciting to experience the past through games like Narrow One. This is a competitive online multiplayer game where everyone is an archer. This is the pinnacle of ranged fighting at the time and every shot needs to count because you can only hold so many arrows at once. The game moves fast with kills and deaths coming just as fast. It may take some time to get used to the movement and arcs of the arrows, but you’ll have to if you want your opponents to get the point.


About Narrow One

There’s quite a collection of medieval multiplayer games and they’re all realistically clunky just like you’d expect such combat to be. As such, this game is quite refreshing since everything moves quickly as archers are supposed to on the field of battle. The fields are large with a variety of structures, levels, and vantage points to navigate and line up shots. There are subtleties to master in order to become the best archer you can be. It’s easy to jump into a game so practice as much as you want to sharpen your eyes and arrows so that you can properly take a bow.

How to Play

Narrow One is FPS with bows and arrows controlled via the mouse and keyboard.


  • W/Up Arrow – Move Forward
  • S/Down Arrow – Move Backward
  • A/Left Arrow – Move Left
  • D/Right Arrow – Move Right
  • Mouse Cursor – Aim
  • Left Mouse Button – Fire/Attack
  • Q – Switch Weapons

The game only has one current mode which is Capture the Flag. As part of the blue or red team, your goal is to get the enemy flag at the opposite end of the map and carry it back to your flag to score a point. The first team to score three points wins.

Tips and Tricks

This is a very quick and sharp game with a lot of short movement and precise turns to take some time to adjust to the response time. Since most of the bows are standard, practice shots to see how arrows fly and drop off. Crossbows have much straighter shots but tend to have much longer reload times.

Narrow One Archers

The game offers you six types of archers to play as, each with its own distinct ranged weapon.

  • Scout – A fast-moving archer equipped with a short-range bow that can shoot up to three arrows in quick succession.
  • Assault – An archer made for attacking equipped with a heavy bow that fires a strong arrow at medium range.
  • Sharpshooter – A precision archer equipped with a long bow that has a scope made to take out enemies from a distance.
  • Runner – A mobile archer equipped with a quick-firing one-handed crossbow.
  • Support – An artillery archer that can back up the team with a heavy crossbow that fires a volley of arrows.
  • Defense – A sturdy archer with a two-handed crossbow and solid damage output.

Customizing Your Archer

By playing through the game and earning coins or watching in-game ads, you can visit the store on the Main Menu to buy gear for your archer to change their appearance and stats. There are multiple aspects you can change about your archers.

  • Looks – Changes how the archer looks, doesn’t affect stats.
  • Gear – Changes the armor your archer is wearing, and affects stats like defense and movement.
  • Bow – Changes the archer’s bow affecting stats like range.
  • Arrow – Changes the arrows your archer uses affecting stats like damage output.
  • Melee – Changes your archer’s melee weapon affecting their damage, range, and attack speed.

Narrow One Maps

The game Capture the Flag can be played across one of sixteen different maps.

  • Castles – Each team has a large stone castle to defend.
  • Forts – Each team has a large wooden fort to defend.
  • Alleys – Teams fight through the backstreets of a medieval city.
  • Fields – Teams fight in the fields throughout a farming village.
  • Ruins – Teams fight across bridges and ruined structures surrounded by water.
  • Arena – Teams fight in a large and enclosed battle arena.
  • Towers – Teams fight between two tall and connected towers.
  • Arch – Teams fight throughout what appears to be an Eastern-style temple.
  • Halls – Teams fight through large open castle halls.
  • Tombs – Teams fight in a complex system of underground catacombs.
  • Hills – Teams fight over lush and open green hills.
  • Jungle – Teams fight through dense and thick vegetation.
  • Wall – Teams fight across what appears to be the Great Wall.
  • Temple – Teams fight through what looks to be an ancient temple.
  • Graveyard – A dark and foggy map where teams fight among graves and structures.
  • Desert – Teams fight across sandy plains filled with various structures.

Game Details

  • Developer: Pelican Party Studios
  • Platforms: Web Browser (PC and mobile) and Android
  • Languages: English