Poker World

Poker World Online Game

The game “Poker World – Offline Poker” – for this super well-developed game we can say that the game was made by the creators of the game “Governor of Poker” or as it is popularly called “King of Poker”. The game has a very long game plot and only a few will be able to complete it! The game fully supports the Russian language, just to do this you need to go to the settings and switch to Russian if you have the default language set to English. The plot begins with your friend William DeSanta inviting you to play poker. He has received applications from him to go on a tour around the world where various poker tournaments will be held. Your first choice will be Dallas or Miami, the choice will be yours, so which city will you start with?

You will wonder: what is the goal of the game, just to complete all the tournaments and that’s it? No! In the game “Poker World – Offline Poker” there is a tournament table “TOP 10 players of the WORLD”. You will need to win and prove that there is only one champion on this planet – it is you! You will go through all the tournaments in turn, until you pass one, you will not be able to take part in the next one. It is also important to understand that at the start you will have $20,000, this is your initial budget. If you lose everything quickly, you will have to find money in another way, play in small tournaments for money, or simply visit the city every day in order to get a couple of hundred dollars. You need to pass daily tests in order to collect tickets, you will need them to participate in a tournament with TOP players. And of course, for winning the first TOP 3 places you will receive experience; you will also need it to enter other tournaments. “Poker World – Offline Poker” is a fascinating world that you should visit. Good luck!